How We Operate

How does Ekuinas operate?

Ekuinas operates based on the Private Equity model of investing in high-growth businesses, aggressively expanding them and profitably exiting once they mature or become market leaders


Financial Objectives

Enhance institutional and Bumiputera equity

Target return: Minimum 12% IRR

Social Objectives

Enhance individual Bumiputera participation:
Equity ownership
Creating value in supply chain


Direct Investments

Directly undertake investments

Skewed towards buy-outs and controlling stake

Outsourced Programme

Outsourced Private Equity Managers invest on behalf of Ekuinas

Must raise external capital

Focused on growth capital’s provision

Key Target Groups


Supplement entrepreneurs’ risk capital

Enhance their capabilities with professional oversight

Professional Managers

Opportunities for capable managers to earn “sweat equity”


We are closed until 14th April 2020 in compliance with the Movement Control Order by the Malaysian Government.

During this period, the Company has implemented measures to ensure operations continue as usual and can still be contacted via staff's email and mobile.

For any inquiries, please email us at

Thank you and stay safe.